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Editing and Proofreading

My 25-year career has followed two paths: I'm an editor (with Certified Professional Editor designation from Editors Canada) and a fiction writer (with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing [novel]). At the intersection where these 2 paths meet is someone who's keen on editing fiction, so send me yours! My writing teachers and coaches have provided me with great tools that have made me a better writer, and I'd like to use them to help you improve your fiction before you submit, too.


Whether it's a novel or short story (or fiction-related text, such as a synopsis, query letter, blurb, or outline), I'll seek out and destroy your grammar glitches, punctuation problems, style sticking points, and spelling snags. See the Editorial Services page for more details. I offer free sample edits, so you can try before you buy.

Query Letters and Blurbs

Ready to submit your fiction manuscript to an editor or agent? Isn't writing the query the hardest thing? Sometimes you just need someone with an objective point of view to do it for you. I can create a query letter and/or synopsis to introduce and describe your fiction project. I also write back-cover or website blurbs. See the Query Letters & Blurbs page for more details.


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