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Editorial Services

Line Editing and Proofreading

You're happy with the content of your novel or short story (plot, characterization, structure) but need the mechanics checked, before you self-publish or submit to an agent, publisher, or literary journal. That's where I come in! I offer line editing and proofreading services to fiction writers.

I'll review your punctuation, grammar, spelling, and formatting, to ensure all these elements are correct and consistent throughout. I'll also look at style, suggesting changes to any awkward phrasing to ensure the language reads as smoothly as possible, without changing your voice.

I can also edit your fiction-related elements: synopsis, query letter, blurb, web copy, or outline. (Need any of these written before you self-publish, or submit to agents or publishers? Visit the Query Letters & Blurbs page and let me help you sell that novel!)


I provide clean, clear copy, fast, to give you peace of mind. And if I'm not the right editor for you, I'll try to suggest someone in my editing network who is.

Free Sample Edits, and Rates

I offer free sample edits, so you can "try before you buy": I'll edit 5 pages (or 1,500 words) of a book-length manuscript, and 500 words for shorter documents, to give you an idea of my editing style and to help me come up with a price quote for you.


My rates are in line with the guidelines of Editors Canada and the Editorial Freelancers Association. To give you an idea of what to expect, the Editorial Freelancers' Association provides a handy rate guide.

Areas of Specialization

General fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, thrillers, romance fiction, fantasy, screenplay, software engineering (network engineering), artificial intelligence, music, mining, geology, ophthalmology, public health.

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