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Query Letters & Blurbs

The Agony (of Trying to Write a Synopsis) and the Ecstasy (of Hiring Someone Else to Do It)

As a writer myself, I fully understand the pain of trying to distill the plot and message of your entire novel into a 1-page query letter and 5-page synopsis, or a back-cover or website blurb. Sometimes it takes a disinterested (but interested!) observer to pull out the essence of what your book is really about and explain it to someone else, whether it's a reader or publisher or agent. Over the years, I've worked with numerous authors to prepare their manuscripts for submission.


Ready to submit your fiction  to editors or agents? Talk to me about writing a query letter and/or synopsis to introduce and describe your novel, or back-cover or website blurbs for writers who need to promote their self-published work.


(Psst, looking for line editing or proofreading for your novel? You'll find information on that here.)


Need a one-paragraph description of your novel for your website or back cover? Send me a synopsis of your book — and any extra information on major themes, characters, and plot — and I'll create a blurb. If you'd prefer that I read the full novel, let me know and we'll figure out a rate! 


Query Combo

Submitting to agents or publishers and need a query letter and synopsis? I'll read your novel and create the elements you need, based on the agent or publisher's submission guidelines.  

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